Qualificação de doutorado do discente Elton Máximo dia 04/11/2022 as 13:00.

Qualificação de doutorado do discente Elton Máximo dia 04/11/2022 as 13:00.

Título: A syntactic approach for parsing expression grammar termination

Resumo: "Parsing Expressions Grammars (PEGs) are recognition formalism proposed by Brian Ford to describe top-down recursive parsers. Unfortunately, to determine whether an arbitrary PEG will terminate when parsing an input is an undecidable
problem. As termination is a desired property for parsing tools, Ford proposes a well-formedness test that guarantees every PEG that satisfies it, terminates on any input. The well-formedness test proposed by Ford is computed as a fixpoint to ensure that
every expression of a PEG is well-formed. However, in our view, this notion could be more simple and predictable if it was expressed as a type system. The aim of this work is to provide an alternative semantic formulation for PEGs which is based on type theory. More specifically, we intend to show that the well-known type soundness property for our type system for PEGs is essentially a well-formedness property, since the type system is sound with respect to Ford's original formulation."

Banca: Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Ribeiro - UFOP; Prof. Dr. Leonardo Reis - UFJS; Prof. Dr. Rafael Queiroz - UFOP; Prof. Dr. Sérgio Medeiros - UFRN

Link: meet.google.com/zud-avyt-zqi.

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